6 years ago I messed my back up before I deployed, I had time for one visit.. Dr. Greg took my pain from a 10/ 5 and I went on my way. 6 years later ( and one child), I was convinced I was not going to be able to keep doing the things I wanted my body to do because this injury was brutal. When he said I’ll get you back in shape to go do your training.. I thought he might be over estimating my healing time but 3 weeks later I’m lifting , running and most importantly being mom ❤️ People ask my why I drive over an hour to see him… because we only have one body

Eleanor Shaw

Dr. Greg has been my chiropractor for over 10 years now. I drive all the way from Springfield just for him and his awesome staff! He and the office staff always make me feel welcome and important. Every time I leave the office I feel so much better! Not only does he do a great adjustment but also gives me information on exercises and preventative measures I can take to help me have a healthier, stronger back! I love the way he takes his time to listen to me and I never feel rushed. Go see Dr. Greg… you won’t be disappointed!!!

Jerisann Bair

Doc isn’t just my chiropractor he’s a friend also. He cares about the pain you are in and getting rid of it for life!! He takes it upon himself to know about your family. He always asks about my children and grand baby as well!!! All around good guy!! His staff are just amazing too!! Always helpful and extremely friendly!!❤️❤️❤️

Chirstian Bennett

In 2016 I had back surgery at Cincinnati Laser Spine only to cause more problems than it helped. I had the surgery so I could stop going to pain management, but they didn’t want to be bothered with me afterwards since it failed so sent me for physical therapy then back to pain management. I didn’t want to keep taking pain pills. The pills helped my back a little but didn’t touch the pain in my legs. It was constant. I couldn’t sleep, sit, stand, hardly walk, lie down, get my house work done…I was a mess. I didn’t go anywhere only to Dr or hospital for injections & epidurals in my back over & over with no relief. (That’s another story!) I was going from Dr to Dr everywhere trying to get relief. More pills that I couldn’t function on. One wanted to implant a pain pump in my back with morphine! Finally I said I have one option left…chiropractor. If he could just help me with pain for one day I’d be so thankful because I needed some relief! I made appt with Dr Greg & after xrays & thorough exam he felt he could help me. He adjusted me & I walked to the car not like I hobbled in! My legs were not hurting! I slept that night 6 hrs which I hadn’t done in a couple years! After a few adjustments I noticed I was doing more inside (stripping floors) & outside (planted bushes) which I hadn’t done for a long time. I thank God & Dr Greg for giving me my life back! I still have a little pain from time to time but I can tolerate it, nothing like before. If I have a bad day & it’s not time for my appt I stop in & they work me in & I’m on my way. Dr Greg never stops learning the new techniques & is very passionate with what he does. I highly recommend him to anyone who is tired of living in pain & taking pain pills just to get by. That’s not living, that’s a sad life!

Kathleen Huffman

I believe very strongly that God answers prayers! this Doctor genuinely cares about what he does and the patients he cares for. he is excellent at what he does. he is highly favored of God and it shows! his support staff are a great asset to his team. i would highly recommend him and his team to anyone who asks me. he and his team have been a huge blessing to me!

Sandy Issacs

I have been going to the Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center for 18 years now. Dr. Gregg and his staff are Awesome. When both of my children were younger I took them here also. Dr. Gregg helps me feel better when I get adjusted. He also gives me helpful information for my health. If I was in pain when I came here,I left with no pain. All of the staff are very kind, patient, and compassionate about my care and of others.If you are in need of a Great Chiropractor Dr. Gregg is here for you! A big thank you to you Dr.Gregg and your staff!

Tammy Morris

“I feel so much better after a session with Dr. Greg. My hips and knees are much better. The staff’s always friendly Love going there.”

Fonda Williams

“It’s always a great experience, Dr Greg and his staff are amazing! Especially Lisa she always goes above and beyond”

Felicia Ellerbee

“Dr. Greg and his staff are wonderful! I have had back pain for around 10 years. I have done pt but the pain always returns. I started going here 7 years ago and I have never been disappointed! I walk in the office in pain and leave pain free. My son was successfully treated here as an infant for reflux and ear infections too. Dr. Greg has great hours for getting people in before work and the staff always try to accommodate me if I walk in without an appointment because I’m hurting! I simply can’t say enough! Thank you for always taking care of my family chiropractic health and wellness!”

Christina Coe

“I love this place! Very kind! He makes me feel like a new person when I walk out of there😀 The staff is excellent!”

Ashley Huffman